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CHANGE THE DATE: Are you having to change your wedding date because of Coronavirus?

This is a very unsettling time for us all at the minute, but if you’re dealing with emotional decisions of having to cancel or postpone your wedding day then we’re here to help.

Plan and communicate.
You may find it hard to reschedule your wedding now in 2020 so look at 2021 as dates are getting booked already.

In the current situation any reputable business will be open to postponement. Always check terms and conditions and insurance policies.

First when cancelling or postponing always talk to wedding venues, caterers directly.



Provided you booked through ABTA registered travel agent you should be entitled to a full refund, but you will need to speak with your insurers as soon as you can. www.abta.com/coronavirus.

Postponing your wedding abroad communicate with your venue and wedding planner as soon as possible and check with your insurance, but some International weddings are postponing for free.

Any guests travelling from abroad- A law expert has stated that ‘Usual Rule’ is that if a flight is cancelled by the airline the passenger is entitled to a full refund.

Remember to keep positive, breathe and take one step at a time. You will get married and ‘LOVE CAN NEVER BE CANCELLED’

We are here to support you!

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