Jesus Peiro

“My First Communion card had a princess dress on it and although I didn’t know it at the time, I think it was my first wedding dress design; I was eight years old.”

Merche Seggera

Our prices range from £2500 – £3500


Inspired by the contemporary woman

I’m the fifth child of a family dedicated to Graphic Arts; my father talked to us about Leonardo Da Vinci and we were surrounded by artist friends from different disciplines. After finishing my studies in Milan, I started my professional career that has brought me to form part of the wedding world. I’ve now been working for the Jesus Peiro label for seven years.

When designing wedding dresses, my inspiration comes from the contemporary woman. A wedding dress is obviously a very special garment that has its own identity and can only partly adopt fashion trends. However, I always try to include these to achieve a “renewed classical” look, which characterises our label.

The Jesus Peiro label offers a quality range of wedding dresses. The line’s sophistication, the harmony achieved in the mixing and matching of volumes and fabrics, the meticulous care displayed in the finishes that are always done by hand and the exclusive embellishments explain its prestige in the sector within and beyond our borders.