Environmentally Conscious Couture

How has Jesus Peiro approached meeting the demands of the 21st Century bride?

In recent years, fingers have been pointed at the clothing and fashion industry for its negative environmental impact. Previously, if you cared about the environment, the charity shop would be the place to purchase your clothes and the whole environmentalist movement was stereotyped by its ill-fitting knitwear, hand-made sandals, faded t-shirts and patched up dungarees. It was accepted that a sacrifice would need to be made between your choice of image or your ethics.

However, this narrative is all set to change with the rise in celebrity influence, the popularity of the vegan diet, political priorities shifting and increased media coverage. Many high-street names are battling to be the go-to brand for environmentally conscious fashion. And now, high-end designers and couturiers are responding by making environmentalism a central and celebrated element of their collections.

Jesus Peiro is one of these forward-thinking designers, who describes their target market as a “contemporary bride, an accomplice of beauty, up to date and eco-sensitive”. They know that environmental issues have become a leading factor in high-end fashion trends and have been taking a close look at the processes, fabrics and supply chains they’ve used to create their stunning 2021 collection.

If you are a bride-to-be that wants to get married without compromising on your environmental perspectives or your sense of style, (or even if you just prefer the idea of smooching with your new hubby in a beautiful, clean, plastic-free ocean while on your honeymoon!) Jesus Peiro 208 could be the ideal dress for you.

This stunning dress has everything you would expect from the world-class, high-end bridal designer, Jesus Peiro; their signature, minimalist structured style, fabric that moves beautifully and feels magnificently opulent to the touch; it is superbly comfortable, with fantastic support, as well as the all-important pockets ….but it’s made using plastic bottles that have been cleared from the ocean! What an incredible backstory for a beautiful dress. With so many other compromises to consider, you no longer have to decide between a brand-new, top-quality dress, tailored specifically for you, or a clear conscience (as well as clearer oceans) when it comes to the environment!

Jesus Peiro 208 is available to try at The White Room – contact us to arrange your appointment.

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