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Your perfect dress may be waiting to be found in our ready-to-wear collection

We have a beautiful selection of high quality, designer dresses that are available for you to take home with you TODAY! There are some amazing discounts to be had too!

Many of these dresses are not included on our website, but we’d love to invite you to explore the possibilities at an exclusive, private appointment in our immaculate boutique.

As if planning one of the most important days of your life wasn’t enough, given the current circumstances, it has become all but impossible to realise the vision you had of your wedding day. We have heard so many stories of disappointment, cancellation after cancellation, having to change everything at the last minute to fit in with the latest amendment to the law and the stress of not knowing when it will be okay to go ahead with the way you would like to celebrate your special day. Life feels very unfair at the moment and it feels as if some of us have had to suffer more than others.

Much as we’d love to, we can’t fix everything but we might be able to take the pressure off a little if waiting for your wedding dress to be made is one of the things you need to coordinate. By choosing one of our incredible off-the-peg sample dresses, you can significantly cut time and costs. We offer all discontinued gowns at amazing rates and have some beautiful dresses you will only find in our boutique and not listed on our website.

We have a talented team of seamstresses at hand to help ensure the dress you choose is a perfect fit and we will work hard to make any final adjustments ready for your wedding day.

Give us a call and find out more about the sample dresses we stock.

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