Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller

Designer Spotlight

We think it’s important to know the stories behind your dream dress and what may have inspired them to be cut in a particular way, use one fabric over another or have certain embellishments. In our first Designer Spotlight Q & A, we found out a little more about the latest designer to join The White Room and what influences play a part in her creative process.

What inspired you to get into bridal fashion design?

“As a fashion designer by training, I was heavily involved in the design of my own wedding dress back in 2005 and we had, what would now be described, a classic bohemian wedding with large tipi tents by a lake and banquet tables heaving with wild flowers. Due to the slightly glittering crowd, the wedding photographs ended up on the internet and Molly Guy, founder of New York bridal boutique Stone Fox Bride, many years later saw the pictures and reached out suggesting we collaborate on a capsule. I loved the process of designing bridal so much that I started my own line which launched in October 2016.”

What do you think defines your collection and what influences have played a part?

“I am eternally obsessed with the original true bohemians of the 1930’s who lounged around in satin slip dresses in old hollywood looking fabulous. Also, having been brought up in England by bohemian foreign parents the influences of travel and wild english countryside combined have always played a part in my design aesthetic.”

Do you have a favourite gown and why?

“My favourite gown this season is Avalon because I feel it is the quintessential bias cut satin dress with a nod to vintage and the most flattering silhouette.”

Who is the Savannah Miller bride?

“I believe the Savannah Miller bride is the woman who wants to look and feel like the best version of herself on her wedding day. We make very comfortable gowns that are effortlessly sophisticated and classic for the bride who is looking for something a little less traditionally bridal.”

If you could design a wedding dress for any woman (celeb/icon/personal inspiration) from the past or present, who would it be and why? And what would it look like?

“I would love to have dressed Jane Birkin. She is my style icon with her utterly effortless french ‘je ne said quio’. I would have made her a backless, square necked bias cut heavy satin slip with a neat little puddle train.”

What are your trend predictions for bridal fashion?

“We are seeing a lot more texture and ruffled coming through from the catwalks and illusion net is playing a big role in bridal design now. However, I think there will always be trend but ultimately most girls just want to look really beautiful on their big day so trend shouldn’t really be so much of a consideration unless it feels really right for you.”

Some brides feel the venue determines the gown. Do you agree with this or should brides wear whatever they want?

“I think the venue can play a part in your dress decision but ultimately how you style your hair and flowers can be what determines whether the event is formal or slightly more relaxed. I think brides should choose the gown they love irrespective of their venue.”

What is the number one piece of advice you would give the bride searching for her dream wedding dress?

“I would suggest you make sure you are comfortable. Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life and if you are uncomfortable its going to be hard to relax and enjoy your special day. My second piece of advice would be to keep your wedding party small when you initially start looking for your gown. Take one friend or family member not the whole gang because it is hard to think straight when you have so many people giving you their different opinions. When you have narrowed down your selection and genuinely need advice, call in the troops but not before!”

Avalon – the 2018 collection

Take a look at the Savannah Miller dresses we have available in the boutique. We can also arrange to have other styles brought in if there is a particular one you would like to try that we don’t normally stock.


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