Top 10 Bridal Lingerie Tips

Bridal lingerie can be tricky but when selected correctly will enable you to wear your dream dress with confidence. Maybe you have always dreamed of a backless dress but are concerned by the lack of bust support however there are many tricks of the trade and fabulous lingerie solutions available to ensure you have the right foundations for your dress.

Read on for The White Room’s top 10 tips!

1. Go nude!

Good bridal underwear should be invisible! The best possible underwear for your wedding day is that which does not show through your wedding gown. For this reason we always recommend a nude colour that matches your skin tone and seam free knickers. This is not so important with a fuller skirt, although delicate layers of silk fabrics still don’t always conceal the contrast in colour between skin tone and lingerie so take advice from your bridal boutique.

2. Strapless

We ensure that any strapless style gowns that are included within our collections always have a boned bodice to provide the best fit possible without the need for a bra to be worn. However, if you have a fuller bust it is not always practicable to rely solely on the boning in the corset of the gown to provide the full support for your bust, unless it has been made-to-measure with additional support added accordingly. Strapless bras can be concealed during the fitting process when required and are always easier to hide when they are smooth and not lacy.

3. Bust shape

If you usually wear bras that have some padding or ‘push-up’ cushioning built in because you like the effect it has on the shape of your bust, we would always recommend that you request to have similar shaped bust cups (there are different styles) stitched into your gown too so that you can maintain the shape you want in your dress, especially if the gown has a boned bodice and you do not need to wear a bra.

4. Open back gowns

Depending upon the nature and fabric of the gown sometimes bust cups can be stitched into the front of the dress which can provide modesty although rarely support. We have some fabulous adhesive silicon cups that can also be used with certain style gowns that work well too providing both modesty and shaping (beware of cheap imitation though!). If you have a fuller bust don’t panic you can still wear an open back silhouette, but you should be prepared to invest in a good bra solution – we always recommend Ender Legard for this situation – fabulous underwear that will enable both support and deliver red carpet glamour!

Holly Backless Lace Bodice With Underwired Soft Cups

5. Tricks of the trade

Experienced seamstresses have quite an arsenal of tricks and solutions for most style gowns including hidden clear straps that can be built in, bra strap traps and loops, bust cups, shoulder grips and more so always be open to advice on the best way forward.

6. Shrinking Brides

Bear in mind that last-minute weight changes can significantly affect how lingerie fits. We suggest buying lingerie from a company with a flexible returns policy so if you require a different size nearer the big day, you can exchange it.

7. When to buy

Start shopping for your bridal underwear just prior to your first dress fitting so that you can take it with you to check it is suitable and don’t be afraid to take a couple of options to try on!

8. Sizing

Wearing the correct size underwear will ensure optimal comfort, support and a beautiful silhouette for your big day. A common bra sizing mistake many girls make is wearing a cup that is too small and a band that is too big. Wearing the wrong size can cause bulging, discomfort and an unflattering silhouette. This might seem an obvious point, but make sure you buy the right size knickers too! Don’t be precious about it – going one size bigger than usual is always more flattering and will help avoid any potential bulging.

9. Honeymoon

Don’t forget your honeymoon! Swimwear and cool robes, lingerie and chemises are necessities for a romantic honeymoon as a newly married couple.

10. Smile

The most important thing you can wear on your wedding day is a smile. Enjoy your big day and smile – no matter what, you’ll look fabulous darling!

Grace Plunge Neck Frontless Satin-Silk Corset

Ultimately, the best lingerie to wear on your special day is something that is comfortable for a long day’s wear, makes you feel beautiful and confident, and provides a smooth silhouette.

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