Siân’s Gown and Glory experience

I was so lucky that Sonia invited me to view the White Room’s new and growing “Gown and Glory” collection when she did as I had just started to look for a dress to wear to my son’s wedding that was taking place early September.

Before I met her I had been overwhelmed by the packaging of dresses from on line suppliers being delivered to the house which had to be repackaged and returned as I was disappointed with the colour representations, fit and erratic sizing. I had also felt pressured in a boutique to make what felt like a hasty decision on something that wasn’t perfect as there was only one dress that size and colour. I knew in my head that I wanted a single colour dress with a skirt that would be easy to dance in and I knew which colours suited me and everything I had tried on was a compromise in more ways than one.

By contrast, Sonia and Zoey showed me, from the outset, how their collection offered so many options for creating a bespoke dress. I chose a couple of dresses to try on, including the Delphine dress. The prototype wasn’t in the right colour for me or the right size, but instantly I could see that it was the right style of dress – it was simple, but elegant and would be made to fit me, in the colour of my choice and with some personal tweaks that would suit me – for example removing the side split. I felt an immediate sense of relief: I’d found somewhere on my doorstep, two lovely, talented and enthusiastic young women in whom I instantly had complete confidence and I’d have a dress that suited and fitted me in a style and colour that I had hoped for.

The fitting process itself was a real joy – a toile with adjustments along the way – a memorable occasion when Zoey and Sonia both agreed the neckline needed adjusting and within a couple of minutes a pencil line was drawn, then redrawn and a pair of scissors brought out to cut it while I was still in the toile with a perfect result. They’d both been right and had both seen things that I wasn’t able to see. Their understanding of how fabric works and of what suits different figures made such a difference to the overall process and outcome. And then, of course, finally I had the pleasure of wearing my dress on the day – it’s difficult to describe how much fun that was. The dress fitted like a glove and I had so many compliments. You know that when male friends in their 60s tell you “you’ve nailed it”, then you really have!

I must also mention Gemma Sangwine who makes hats and fascinators for The White Room as she works so well with Zoey and Sonia, understanding their style and fabrics and made me the most beautiful fascinator to compliment my dress.

I can’t thank Zoey and Sonia enough – not just for their skill, but also for their time, patience and the fun and enjoyment they brought to the whole process. I am sure that if you decide to use them for your special occasion you will enjoy the same experience.

The Dress…

Gown and Glory “Delphine” – Classic and sophisticated, customised to make it Siân’s dream dress


A beautiful bespoke fascinator by Gemma Sangwine

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